Buy A Hog Roast Machine Today

platinum-excel-spit-and-chefWhen you are looking for your ideal hog roasting machine it makes sense to look to a company that have many years’ experience in this type of catering. have this knowledge and we are able to provide you with machines for rent or purchase that will produce some of the best pulled pork that your customers have ever tasted.

All of our machines have been designed by professionals in this field who know exactly what you are looking for in a hog roasting machine. They also understand the need to produce delicious food that will get your business remembered. Our Platinum range of machines delivers all the aspects that you would want in a hog roasting machine, and they will really help your business to stand out in terms of the quality of the food that is offered.

The Best Range Of Hog Roast Machines For Every Occasion

When you have a large number of people to cater for, the dual cooking capabilities of our Platinum machines will let you do this with ease. Upper and lower cooking surfaces are a feature of these machines and the temperatures of these surfaces can be controlled separately. This can increase the range of food that can be offered as part of the hog roast as you will be able to prepare side dishes on one of the surfaces while roasting the meat on the other. This will allow you to offer an improved service compared to other companies that do hog roasts and it can help you to attract more business.

Our equipment can be hired out on a single event basis, which presents the ideal opportunity to test out our machines and their capabilities. You will not be disappointed with the results that you get from our machines and you will see for yourself how popular hog roasts are at all types of event. We also offer longer term rentals if you have more than one event that you want to use a hog roast for.

Customer Support For All Hog Roast Machines

Get in touch today to find out about the support we offer if you decide to purchase one of our machines. This includes a 12 month warranty and full servicing in the unlikely event of any problems occurring with the machine. Our staff are always happy to answer any queries you have about the machines and can be contacted at any time. Get in touch today to find out what a difference a hog roasting machine can make to your catering business.